Webiment is also considered as a prominent BING advertising company India apart from providing the services for Google Advertising. Teaming up with Yahoo, Bing Network, our experts help clients to launch the pay per click campaign to enhance their customer base. Faster and better platform have allowed us to provide unparalleled services to the enterprises.


  • Reach a wider audience. Bing has a smaller market share than Google, but it still reaches a significant number of users. In fact, Bing accounts for about 12% of the global search market. This means that by advertising on Bing, you can reach a new audience that you might not be able to reach with Google Ads alone.
  • Get more conversions. Studies have shown that Bing users are more likely to convert than Google users. For example, a study by Search Engine People found that Bing users convert at 10%-56% higher rates than Google users in the automotive industry.
  • Pay less for clicks. Because Bing has a smaller market share than Google, competition for keywords is lower on Bing. This means that you can often get your ads displayed at a lower cost per click on Bing than on Google.
  • Get more control over your campaigns. Bing Ads offers more granular control over your campaigns than Google Ads. For example, you can set different bids for different keywords, different time zones, and different devices. This gives you more flexibility to optimize your campaigns for your specific needs.



Prior to the start of the advertising project for Bing Advertising campaign Services a, our online marketing experts from Webiment conduct meeting with the clients to understand their business processes and requirements (sometimes back and forth sessions goes for more inputs and suggestions). At each stage of the campaign, feedback is incorporated from the customers to rectify issues while connecting to the end users.

People using BING or Yahoo search engines will find your ads provided they are optimized and properly configured. Webiment, being a well-reputed BING advertising agency India, helps small as well as medium businesses to identify the target audiences interested in their products and services. Many people use Yahoo network, therefore the probability of increasing the online business is quite high.


We offer a range of BING advertising services India, focusing on the local, and the global market. Marketing experts analyze the strategy adopted by the competitors and devise a plan accordingly. It will help the clients get genuine business leads that could be converted in the near future.

The mobile industry has been expanding rapidly in recent times, what with millions of people accessing the internet on the go. Realizing the reality, we launched Bing campaigns to target mobile customers with the promotion of products and services. Being a BING advertising company in India, we deploy customized tools which are very effective and help the clients to analyze the web traffic and the interest of the users in the brand value of the company.

Companies working on a small and fixed budget need not spend sleepless nights because using innovative methods, our extremely competent staff would deliver stellar results. Using Bing ads, you can exercise full control over the advertisement expenditure. Webiment, which is a BING advertising company India offers valuable services to achieve objectives at cost effective rates.


By designing creative advertisements along with images and required specifications, we display your business in a country, region, or even the entire world. Moreover, you can also list your business for advertising purposes and increase the fan following within a minor period. As a BING advertising company India, Webiment assures higher search engine rankings throughout the campaign to bring the right kind of customers to your website. Moreover, the site will be inundated with relevant content for the online visitors to increase their knowledge and awareness about the products being marketed. A good campaign is bound to provide effective results and save a lot of money.

Offering one of the best BING advertising services India, Webiment helps you to manage the pay per click campaign in an effective manner. Keywords discovery and selection, along with innovative creation of advertisement of text will help clients to extend their customer base. Moreover, Webiment which is a BING advertising company India ensures conversion tracking and provides real time information to the clients about their website.


Microsoft has provided insights into Prometheus, its proprietary AI model designed to incorporate ChatGPT-like capabilities into Bing search. According to Microsoft, Prometheus is considerably more potent than OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 AI model used in ChatGPT. However, during public testing, the chatbot function exhibited erratic behavior, prompting Microsoft to restrict the number of “chat turns” to five per session to avoid confusion.

The newly revamped Bing search engine, powered by ChatGPT, has been released by Microsoft, and the initial batch of invitations has already been sent out. Following a preview of the updated search engine, Microsoft created a waitlist for the first group of ChatGPT Bing testers. If you enrolled, you should check your email to see if Microsoft has given you permission to access it.